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The Bears of Bearadise Ranch

Bearadise Ranch, since 1926, brings to you their big, beautiful bruins in loving human care.

Promoting habitat preservation and conservation for all bear species, learn about bears and gain an appreciation for them up close and personal. Witness the love between man and bear with the Bears of Bearadise Ranch.

Bears have been a part of the Welde Family for over 70 years.  Their training methods are based on developing the natural and unique talents of each individual bear through patience, reward and understanding.  The relationship with each bear bust be one of mutual love and respect.

Through their shows they hope to educate the public as well as entertain them about the future of bears. Due to man’s steady destruction of the bears natural habitat, by the growth of human population, they hope through their shows they may remind people just how precious these magnificent beasts are to our planet Earth and by showing these beautiful animals up close this will keep them fresh in people’s minds to preserve, protect and conserve our wildlife.

Make sure you catch Bearadise Ranch! It’s education, conservation awareness and family entertainment all rolled into one.

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Bar C Ranch Petting Zoo

Bar C Ranch brings a free educational petting zoo featuring friendly domestic and exotic animals from around the world. They will be offering camel rides for a small fee.


First Bite   Fishing Tank

The First Bite Fishing Tank provides a hands-on experience to help youngsters as well as adults learn how to handle different species of fish and return them safely back in the water. Tank fishing is a successful way to help youngsters overcome their fears of fish and bait. You can have your picture taken and create lasting memories.

Hogway Speedway

The racing pigs are usually given names that are similar to those of NASCAR drivers. In the recent past there has been Piggy Gordon and Squilling Earnhardt Jr. Audience members are typically chose to cheer for their favorites – and after the winning pig gets a cheese puff and the correct audience member has been given a Blue Ribbon.  Joining the pigs in races of their own are goats and ducks.


On the Edge   Bike Show

On The Edge 2-Wheel Action Shows brings the most unique action sports show to audiences throughout the Eastern U.S.! Our show provides an unforgettable experience of watching our riders explode up, over and off insane challenges while maintaining complete balance!

Our riders conquer a monstrous obstacle course with amazing balance and a level of precision and control found in no other sport. Unbelievable skills combined with a playful interactive show make this show entertaining for the entire family. The unique interactive design of the show allows us to bring the action up close so spectators feel like they are a part, and this has established us as a crowd favorite for all ages.

Wolves of the World

This show features demonstrations of natural wolf behavior, wildlife and environmental conservation and the dos and don’ts of human interaction with wild animals while demonstrating the old-fashioned values of our ancestors who founded our great country.