What would a fair be without rides? The Clearfield County Fair presents amusements for younger children and the grown-ups. Everyone who has ever been to a fair would feel a sense of loss if they were to miss out on one of the best parts of any fair--the rides!!


Hours of Operation: Monday Noon to Close. Tuesday 10am to Close. Wed - Friday Noon to Close, Saturday 10am to Close. Please note Ride Height Requirements apply.

One of the greatest midways in Clearfield County Fair history is returning beginning with the 2010 Fair. Reithoffer Shows made their debut in Clearfield in 1980. Their last apperance was in 1992. Reithoffer Shows is the innovator when it comes to spectacular rides and attractions.

Reithoffer Shows will bring a dazzingling array of things you have never seen in this area. “Reithoffer is giving us such a great opportunity, that we never had in the past, to bring the best, most spectacular rides out there to our fair. This will definitely contribute to making ourFair memorable”, stated Greg Hallstrom, Fair Manager.

Reithoffer Shows travels April through November up and down the eastern seaboard and as far west as Missouri playing the nations best fairs and festivals. Reithoffer Shows has a long history, beginning in 1896, of bringing quality, variety, and one of a kind rides to fairs and festivals. More information on Reithoffer Shows can be found on their website www.reithoffershows.com.